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Deposit: Getting it together

Owning your own home is a dream many Australians share and one day hope to realise. However, many first time buyers find it hard to save and a very confusing time in the home buying process. Our article on getting a deposit together seeks to explain everything you need to know to feel comfortable and start you on the track to making home happen. Read on here to find out.

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House and Land Packages
22nd June 2015

Townhomes and Terraces are an Affordable O...

Home buyers looking for new opportunities to enter the property market now have access to a range of affordable living options which consider the changing demographic needs and new living trends of Australians.

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Buying a Home
29th January 2015

Glossary of Terms For a First Homebuyer

Buying a new home possibly involves the biggest financial and lifestyle choices you’ll ever make. To help you further understand the elements involved in this process, we’ve compiled a glossary of terms you may encounter. Click here to read more.

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